Data: 2017-01-19 19:30

Venue: St John's Smith Square  |  Oraș: London, United Kingdom

Matthew Scott - CLARINET
Júlia Pusker - VIOLIN
Ugnė Tiškutė - VIOLA
Tatiana Chernyshova - CELLO
Alexandra Vaduva - PIANO

24. nov: Rarely performed alongside each other, flexi-ensemble Ensemble Mirage presents ‘Three-in-One’, an exciting programme showcasing the three core clarinet trios and the variety of sound these different instrument groupings create.

19 jan: ‘War and Eternity’ explores works composed during and immediately following World War Two; all three works have an extreme intensity of expression kindled by this human tragedy. Both the Messiaen (1940-41) and Shostakovich were composed in the height of the war, the Rawsthorne (1948), a rarely performed but powerful English work, in the aftermath when the memories and wounds of war were still fresh.

11 jun: ‘Variations’ embraces the core ideal of Ensemble Mirage as a flexi-ensemble; showcasing a whole breadth of works in different flexes alongside a new commission for the whole ensemble.





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